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Polskie LNG’s Social Dialogue

Polskie LNG’s Social Dialogue


The construction of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving and regasification terminal in Świnoujście is one of the largest ongoing infrastructure projects in Poland. Due to its size, nature and complexity it affects the lives of local residents, in particular of Warszów district adjacent to the project site. For this reason, the construction naturally raises sundry of petitions of the local community towards the investor.

The company in charge of the Project - Polskie LNG is fully aware of this. In view of that the company has decided to cooperate with all stakeholders in a responsible, earnest and systemic manner. In the adopted model of cooperation the investor first learns the stakeholders’ expectations, responds to all of them, and on such basis (in close cooperation with various actors involved in the process) decides on the possible engagement and the scope of support. This model of cooperation is called “Social Dialogue”.

"Polskie LNG SA’s Social Dialogue" project will allow the company to build lasting relationships with the environment, in particular with the local community, as well as to identify and implement appropriate programmes aimed at engaging key stakeholders.

The project is conducted in five stages:

Stage 1, completed in 2012, consisted in an audit of the Polskie LNG’s communication strategy, conducted by a specialized consulting firm (Hill + Knowlton Strategies ). At this stage, the process of stakeholder identification was conducted to determine their scope of involvement in the relations with the investor (so-called stakeholder mapping).

Stage 2 consists in involving the key stakeholders in social dialogue process, particularly on the occasion of the first session of the dialogue carried out in March 2013. The stakeholders could file all their petitions to the Company.

Step 3 consisted in analysis of the petitions filed by the stakeholders.

Step 4 - elaborating the response to the reported petitions and developing a plan for future action.

Step 5 - communicating the company’s feedback during the second session of the dialogue held in September 2013 and presentation of the future actions’ plan – particularly establishing the Polskie LNG Local Initiatives’ Fund managed by a dedicated Council appointed by the stakeholders; concluding and evaluating the project’s conduct.

The objective: Social Dialogue will allow PLNG to act in a transparent manner, to make decisions better adjusted to changing social expectations and enable local community to better understand the intention of the company and the LNG terminal construction process.

Once implemented, the project will bring mutual benefits for both the company and its social environment.

Benefits to the Company:

• complete identification of key project’s stakeholders and establishing open, proactive communication based on partnerly relations principles;

• establishing a consensus regarding the activities of the company, introducing co-responsibility of the local community for common solutions developed during the dialogue session;

• building up the position of PLNG SA as an important partner for Świnoujście and participant of local life;

• opportunity to improve the company's development strategy, considering ethical values​​;

• making real commitments in response to common expectations of the local community;

• following transparent business practices based on respect for employees and the local community.

Benefits to social partners:

• uninterrupted and organized interaction with a major company operating in the local community;

• real impact on Polskie LNG’s actions;

• equal access to information, including the commitments undertaken by Polskie LNG;

• possibility to monitor the degree of implementation of commitments undertaken by Polskie LNG.

Social dialogue is a fundamental change in the philosophy of the company's communication with stakeholders, in which the decisions on activities undertaken are made in consideration of the petitions raised by social partners towards the company.

The process of "Polskie LNG’s Social Dialogue" has been conducted in compliance with the international "AA1000 Accountability Stakeholder Engagement Standard”, providing specific guidelines on how to engage key partners in project development. Both the AA1000 Standard as well as the social dialogue projects carried out on its basis are commonly and globally applied solutions as the components of strategic management of infrastructure projects in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR).



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