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Recruitment process in Polskie LNG

Recruitment process in Polskie LNG

The recruitment in Polskie LNG S.A. is dependent on the current personnel needs in the company.

In accordance with its Human Resources Policy, Polskie LNG S.A. intends to first seek candidates within the current staff of the company. Having failed to do that, Polskie LNG S.A. then proceeds with external recruitment.

External recruitment

The initial stage of every recruitment procedure includes reviewing the application forms sent to the company. The selected applicants are then admitted to the next stage of the recruitment process i.e.  the interview. However, the company will only respond to the chosen applications.

During the recruitment process, we analyze the skills and the knowledge of the candidates as well as their motivation to work and check if these correspond with the nature of a given post. Moreover, the competences of the applicants should coincide with the values preserved by the company. In order to verify that, we make use of professional and up-to-date methods of recruitment that are adapted to the requirements of a given position.


Having conducted all the interviews, Polskie LNG S.A. makes a decision about employing a chosen candidate. According to our policy, every candidate is informed about the decision within two weeks from the end of the recruitment process. The candidates are provided with the feedback by phone or via an e-mail.

If you are interested in working for Polskie LNG S.A., please send your application using the application form available on our website in the tab called “application form”.

Submitted applications are stored in our database for one year. However, please bear in mind that accepting your application does not mean that you are invited to an interview. We only respond to the chosen applications.

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