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Consultations regarding the results of the environmental audit (Due Diligence)

Consultations regarding the results of the environmental audit (Due Diligence) / Konsultation der Ergebnisse des Umweltaudits

On the account of the funding provided by several international finance institutions, Polskie LNG S.A. has commissioned an environmental audit (Due Diligence) concerning the construction of the LNG Terminal in Swinoujscie. Polskie LNG S.A., Maritime Office in Szczecin, Szczecin and Swinoujscie Seaports Authority and Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. are the four institutions involved in the realisation of the terminal. The audit has been conducted in accordance with the requirements of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and International Finance Corporation (IFC). The following documents were prepared as the result of the audit:

1. Non-technical Summary (NTS) / Nichttechnische Zusammenfassung (NTS)

2. Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) (+ Annex A, B) / Plan für die Einbeziehung der Projektbeteiligen (SEP) (+ Anhang A, B

3. Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP)

4. Social Review

5. Draft of Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

In accordance with the best practices regarding the information access, we also present the documents concerning the environmental part of the LNG terminal construction:

6. LNG Terminal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

7. Breakwater Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

8. Jetty Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

9. Pipeline Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

10. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Dredging at the Breakwater

11. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Dredging at the Jetty

12. Cumulative impact EIA

13. Environment, Health, and Safety Report (EHS)  for the LNG Terminal Construction Project in Świnoujście, Poland

The above documents were available in the printed version between 17th November 2010 and 16th January 2011 in the following institutions:
• Swinoujscie Community Centre, 1/1 Wojska Polskiego St., Swinoujscie
• Swinoujscie Community Centre, Second Branch Warszow, 18 Sosnowa St.
• Ahlbeck, Gemeinde Osteebad Heringsdorf, Kurparkstraβe 4

Should you have any remarks or opinions, please do not hesitate to let us know about them. You can do so by filling in the attached form and sending it back to us by post, e-mail or via fax under the below address:
Local Project Coordination Office
Mszczonowska 4
02-337 Warszawa

Aleksandra Jampolska
Polskie LNG S.A.
Telephone no.: +48 668 339 537

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