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The Building Permit for the Construction of New Re-gasification Capacities at the LNG terminal in Świnoujście Issued

On 21 June 2018, the West Pomeranian Voivode issued the building permit for the investment consisting in the expansion of the re-gasification capacity of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście to Polskie LNG. Consequently, the programme of expansion of the largest liquefied natural gas terminal at the Baltic Sea entered the construction stage.

The above decision means that Polskie LNG can undertake further steps aimed at increasing of the capacity of the terminal in Świnoujście from current 5 billion to 7.5 billion cubic metres per year, what taking into consideration the current market size will mean the capability of satisfying of circa half of the domestic demand for natural gas.

The programme of expansion of President Lech Kaczyński Terminal consists of 4 projects:

  •  the increase of the re-gasification capacity of the terminal (for which the building permit has been just issued);
  • the construction of a second wharf;
  • the construction of the third LNG tank;
  • the construction of the system of LNG reloading to rail tankers and ISO containers.

The LNG terminal expansion and the Baltic Pipe projects are parts of the concept of building of the Northern Gate, which is an element of a broad investment strategy of the GAZ-SYSTEM Capital Group, to which Polskie LNG, the company owning and operating the terminal in Świnoujście, belongs.

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