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16.04.2014 Safe Świnoujście

In Swinoujscie Polskie LNG company conducts a unique project, only one of this kind in Poland. The planned outcome of this enterprise is permanent increase in the level of safety of the residents and visitors to this coastal...[more]

16.04.2014 The selection procedure for the position of a member of Polskie LNG S.A. Management Board concluded

On 10th April 2014, the Supervisory Board of Polskie LNG S.A. enforced a resolution to appoint Mr. Antoni Podolski the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.[more]

16.04.2014 The First Polish Internet Portal on LNG Launched

Polskie LNG S.A., the company responsible for the construction and operation of the liquefied natural gas receiving terminal in Świnoujście, has just launched an education portal devoted entirely to LNG technology:[more]

05.12.2013 Appointment of a new President of the Management Board of Polskie LNG S.A.

Today, the Supervisory Board of Polskie LNG S.A. resolved to appoint Mr. Tomasz Pepliński the President of the Management Board, effective from 5 December 2013.[more]

11.03.2014 Copernicus Science Center in Świnoujście

An enthusiastically received exhibition titled "Let’s Experiment!" prepared by the Copernicus Science Centre, arrives at Świnoujście on 24 October 2013. Children from local kindergartens and students of municipal Public Lower...[more]

30.09.2013 Communication is a key to satisfying neighbourly relations

In Świnoujście, the representatives of major regional social and non-governmental organizations, institutions and offices, services and educational authorities met the delegates from Polskie LNG, the company in charge of the...[more]

24.09.2013 Copernicus Science Centre Steps on the Gas

Polskie LNG company who runs the most prominent Polish energy project of recent years and the Copernicus Science Centre - the biggest Polish organization popularizing science have unified their efforts. From now on, they will...[more]

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