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Wyniki monitoringów przyrodniczych

The actions undertaken by the investor to date

Investor’s Pro-Environmental Activity:

- the LNG Terminal will be situated approx. 705m away from the sea coast to safeguard white and grey dunes as well as protected and endangered species.

- protected species (dark red helleborine, goodyera repens) were removed to safe locations

- protected amphibian species were relocated

- preservation of valuable natural habitats in the form of protective greenery (planting approx. 3 thousand trees and shrubs)

- protection o hibernating bats

- creating a habitat for a protected species - talitrus saltator (sand hopper)

- continuous monitoring of terminal’s environmental impact

- LNG reloading platform is situated within the external port and protected by a new breakwater, in the distance of approx. 2 km from the nearest housing district

- planting a green belt separating the terminal zone from the housing district (6m high embankment with trees and shrubs planted)
- construction of a new access to the beach and a car park for tourists, signage of tourist routes, creating an environmental education trail.

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