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Primary market

Technical Capacity ot the LNG Facility

5 bcm/year

Technical regasification capacity

570 000 Ncm/h

actual data

Technical loading capacity

12 000 cm LNG/h

1 975,680 GWh/d

Truckloading capacity

12 t LNG/h/st.

3,29378 GWh/d

Contracted regasification capacity

370 000 Ncm/h

actual data

Contracted truckloading capacity

466,756 GWh/y

1,27878 GWh/d

Available regasification capacity*

200 000 Ncm/h

actual data

Available truckloading capacity

735,475 GWh/y

2,015 GWh/d

Daily nominations and renominations

actual data

Actual quantity of regasified LNG (flows)

Terminal LNG point (ID 777001) gas flows

Actual quantity of unloaded LNG

actual data

Actual quantity of truckloaded LNG

actual data

Inventory of LNG in the tanks

actual data

 * available untill 31 December 2017

Polskie LNG S.A., under the open season procedure conducted between 23th June 2009 and 12th February 2010, allocated the volume of 370.000.Nm3/h LNG regasification capacity to Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. (PGNiG SA)

 Currently Polskie LNG S.A. offers unallocated regasification capacity of 200.000 Nm3/h.


Regasification method of the LNG

Regasification of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the LNG Terminal installation in Świnoujście consists in returning the fuel supplied in liquefied form into gaseous form by means of heating the liquefied fuel.

Regasification process is performed using so-called gas-heated submerged combustion vaporisers (SCV) in which the chilled LNG is heated. LNG is vaporised using water heated with boil-off gas, which then releases the heat onto the submerged tubes filled with flowing LNG.

The LNG consumption rate for the regasification process (so-called LCR in the Tariff no. 2) is currently established at the level of 1,9% of the quantity of LNG unloaded in the Świnoujście Terminal.

Secondary market information

Regularly updated information will be available here.

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