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"Selection of the technical adviser for the President Lech Kaczyński’s Liquefied Natural Gas Regasification Terminal in Świnoujście expansion project", RZ/60/ZP/2018/PLNG

The translated documents to the tender:

„Wybór doradcy technicznego dla inwestycji rozbudowy Terminalu LNG im. Prezydenta Lecha Kaczyńskiego w Świnoujściu", RZ/60/ZP/2018/PLNG

The Awarding Entity hereby provides the Contract Notice and the Terms of Reference with Appendix No. 1, Appendix 3 and the Appendix No. 14 to the Terms of Reference in English language version. The translated documents do not amend the contents nor the provisions of the Contract Notice, in particular Section IV(2).(4) thereof. The language of procurement procedure shall be Polish.

The translated documents are intended to facilitate the participation in the Procurement proceedings.

1. Contract Notice

2. Terms of Reference

2. Description of the Subject of the Contract

3. Draft Contract

4. Declaration of Confidentiality

5. Extention the bidding date until October 5th

6. Description of the Subject of the Contract after amendment

7. Extention the bidding date until October 16th

8. Draft Contract after amendment – track changes

9. Draft Contract after amendment – authentic version

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